Eduardo Szabo IT automation and web developer

IT Automation &

Web developer

Eduardo is a multifaceted professional with a keen expertise in IT Automation, Web Development, and Digital Marketing. With a solid foundation in Business Administration Marketing, Eduardo seamlessly blends his technical acumen with strategic marketing insights to drive innovative solutions in the digital realm.

With a passion for efficiency and optimization, Eduardo specializes in automating IT processes, streamlining workflows, and enhancing system performance to empower businesses with cutting-edge technological solutions. His proficiency in web development ensures that he not only understands the intricacies of digital platforms but also crafts user-centric experiences that resonate with target audiences.

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, Eduardo stands out for his ability to leverage technology to deliver impactful campaigns, maximize ROI, and foster meaningful connections with customers across various digital channels.

Eduardo is not just a tech enthusiast; he’s a strategic thinker who brings a holistic approach to every project, combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of market dynamics to drive success in today’s digital age


  • Web Developer
  • IT Automation
  • Digital Marketing
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